Full Groom: including,
1  trimming all nails, 
2  triming paw pad hair, 
3  sanitary cut, 
4  ears cleaned and ear hairs plucked if  necesary.
5  before bath brush out, 
6  bath with premium shampoos and conditioners. 
7  blow fluff dry, second b rush out,  breed clip or clip down per    customers    choice,  .
8  bandana,
9  cologne,  
10   lots of love and kisses.

We Offer: Brush and bath Only --- For short haired breeds 
includes nails and ear cleaning

Bath and Brush (includes nails and ear cleaning) 
# 0 - 9 lbs   includes chihuahua and shorthaired chihuahua mixes and is $15

#10 - 24 lbs  includes beagles,   dachshunds, pugs,   whippets, rat terriers and fox terriers, jack russells, mini
bull terriers, and mini pinschers  Etc  = $20 and up

#  25 - 49 lbs  includes Australian Cattle dog,  Bassetts.  Corgis,   Dalmations, Husky, some Labs,  Pit bull, Pointers, Stffordshire Terrier and Visla etc = $35 and up

50 - 74lbs includes Bloodhounds, Doberman, German shepherd, Greyhound, Rottweiller, Weimaraner, Wire Haired Pointed Griffon, and Larger Labs etc = $45 and up

# 75 lb and up including Bullmastiff, Great Dane,Some St Bernards = $55 and up

# Over 100 lbs  Great Pyrenes, Large St. Bernards, etc  $75 and up

We do cats too!!!

bath and brush = $30.00

Bath and clip down = $40.00 (includes nails)

Nail trim = $6.00
      (included in bath and clip)
advance appointment necessary
Full Groom for Long haired dogs

#   Papillons, Pomeranian.Maltese. Tiny and Mini Poodles,  Pekingnese, etc,  0 - 19 lbs = $25 and up

#  Cockers, Lhasa, Poodles, Schnauzers, Sheltie, Shih tzus, and small Terriers 20 - 49 lbs. $35 and up

#  Belgian sheepdogs, Chow Chow, Collies, Goldens, Husky.  Keeshond,  Kuvasz, Labradoodle, Standard Poodles, etc 50 - 74 lb $50 and up

#  Akitas,  Greta Pyrenese,  Malamute, Newfoundland, Old English Sheep Dog,  St. Bernard etc  74 lb and up  = $75 and up
*  extra charges for matting and or bad behavior.

ADD ON SERVICES are priced as follows:

Dematting fees - after the first 15 minutes it will be $25/hour
Deskunk bath (no guarantees...) $30.00

FURminator Shed-less procedure - $10 - 20 depending on size of dog.
Nail clipping $5 - $8 (included in full groom)

Nail grinding $8 by itself -- free if nails clipped, or (included in full groom
Foot and pad trim  $6.00 (included in full groom)

Face trim  $8.00 (included in full groom)

Anal Glands Expresed (external) $5.00

Flea Bath and Capstar Medicated $15.00 and up depending on  size of dog

Teeth Cleaning $4.00
******Bring   proof of pets current vaccinations to fist visit*******